My goal is to keep my rate affordable. I want to help that first-time novelist who is getting ready to query agents. I love to be the go-to proofreader for a writer who self-publishes all her books. If you have a story you’ve written just for yourself or your family, I want to help you perfect it.

I am thorough and detail-oriented with my proofreading. Here’s how it works: when you contact me, let me know the genre and word count. If you like, I can do a sample edit of 3 pages within one day. I create an official quote, email it to you, and once you accept it, I will send an invoice through Paypal. Work begins as soon as payment is received (for fees over $500, I will accept half up front and half upon completion).

Each manuscript is read once, where I mark all changes using the Track Changes feature in Words. Then I read through it again so it’s as close to error-free as possible. I can also work from a hard copy if you prefer, and it would also get two readings.

Once I begin, most projects (under 100k words) can be completed within 7 business days. Smaller projects have a quicker turnaround. Your project is a priority for me, so I work as quickly as possible to get it back to you.

For everything except children’s books, I charge $1 per page, a page defined as 250 words. For example, your novel of 75,000 words, divided by 250, has 300 pages. At $1 per page, yep, the proofreading cost is only $300.

I want to keep this service accessible to those who can’t afford a huge proofreading bill. Proofreading is a key step in creating a book, and I want to help those who might otherwise avoid it because of cost.

Please contact me here or at bonnymoseley(at)yahoo(dot)com for a specific quote on children’s books, or if you have any other questions or concerns about my services or pricing.